Kenya Kimandi
Kenya Kimandi
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Kenya Kimandi

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Tastes like honeysuckle, strawberry, and nougat!

Each can is filled with 8oz of whole beans roasted at the Roly-Poly Coffee Co. HQ. By canning only 8oz of beans at a time, your beans stay fresh longer when you get them by the pound. Our cans are made of super-recyclable aluminum, so please recycle them!

from the farmers:

Elevation 1700-2900

Variety SL 28, 34 Rui


The Kimandi coffee factory is located near
the Mount Kenya forest, just outside the
town of Kiandai in Kirinyaga. In this area,
farmers are cultivating both tea and
coffee. The water used for processing the
coffee comes straight from the Mount

The cherries are being handsorted
before pulping. The parchment is then
fermented overnight in tanks in order to
break the sugars of the pulp. After
fermentation, the parchment is then
washed and graded into P1, P2, P3
and P lights. The last stage is the
drying of the coffee on raised beds,
which takes between 9 and 15 days.

The Kimandi factory is affiliated with the KabareFarmers COOP Society which is comprised of 800+ members. The members live in the Gacigi, Gitumbi, Kagundu, Manga, Ngangaya and Kangoru Villagessurrounding the factory.