Big Waylor's Blend
Roly-Poly Coffee Co. Canned coffee beans
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Big Waylor's Blend

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This is our premium blend!!!

Tastes like sexy chocolate dipped strawberries rolled in peanuts!

Each can is filled with 6oz of whole beans roasted at the Roly-Poly Coffee Co. HQ. By canning only 6oz of beans at a time, your beans stay fresh longer when you get them by the pound. Our cans are made of super-recyclable aluminum, so please recycle them!

Bulk options are available in 2.5lb and 5lb bags!

Brewing Recommendations:

This is our go to coffee for espresso and batch brew here at Roly-Poly HQ. It's extremely versatile by design, and plays well with many brew methods. 

About the beans:

This blend is comprised of our Marly Palomino Peru and our Natty Buncho Ethiopia. We mix these beans up just right here at the Roly-Poly Coffee Co. HQ so the flavors from each origin compliment and highlight the other. This blend is extremely versatile. It's delicious as a pour over, cold brew, and is our go to for espresso in the cafe.